GPRS Locate Post Tension and Reinforcing in High Rise

GPRS is of the top GPR companies in its industry at concrete scanning and has grown to provide GPR services daily and nationwide. Ground Penetrating Radar is a technology that is useful and efficient in the process of mark outs for reinforcing steel, conduit, post-tension cables, pre-stressed cables, and other critical obstructions that lie within a concrete slab or wall. It is applicable across many types of concrete systems including slab on grad and elevated slabs. In this example, the elevated slabs contain Post-Tension tendon support.

A mechanical company in the Chicago area requested concrete scanning procedures to identify reinforcing patterns in the slab of their current high rise project. GPRS assists mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and other sub-contractors by reducing the likelihood of reinforcing and conduit strikes through concrete scanning procedures. Some common procedures by contractors can include: core drilling, saw cutting, anchoring, and demolition. Commonly, GPR occurs prior to core drilling/cutting for the installation of piping and/or HVAC. Generally, there can be scenarios when the location of a core or sleeve just isn’t quite right for the system, or that an opening may not exist at all. Other times, a design change may be a relevant option and the information regarding locations of critical reinforcing and embedded conduit is beneficial.

The information provided can also assist in lessening the risk of damages which may occur if a critical reinforcing or conduit is affected during the coring, cutting, and anchoring process. The locations of reinforcing, conduits, thicknesses, depths, etc. can be marked on site, in real time, while being done in a safe, time efficient, non-destructive way. GPR technologies which include the GSSI SIR 300/4000 interfaces, as well as multiple MHz antenna options, are utilized daily for the interpretation of patterns in the concrete. The radar emits radiation less than 1% of that found to be emitted by standard cell phones which means practically no hazardous radiation to operators or persons above or below the work zone. This allows for contractors to be present and can be available to discuss findings in collaboration with Project Managers. The real time results can allow for immediate feedback and also provide flexibility in scan area choice if needed. Findings are typically marked on the surface, on site, and available quickly. Additionally, written reports are available to provide stakeholders with documentation of processes and investigative information. This can be a valuable inclusion for slabs such as Precast, Post-Tension, and those including conduit.

GPRS’s practice of combining the right people with the right technologies has resulted in over 50,000 projects completed in 2018. If you need concrete scanning, post-tension mapping, or have questions regarding the benefits of utilizing GPRS concrete scanning services in the Chicago or surrounding areas, please contact a local office representative or Jeremy Campbell at (312) 448-4315 or

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