GPRS Locates Reinforcing Steel in Columns

“Time is a primary currency traded on any given construction project. At Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, our everyday efficiency in operations allows us to respond to the immediate needs of our customers, often within 24 hours or less.” (

Recently, a Chicago contractor needed to GPRS, LLC to visit their site to conduct GPR scans of their columns. The contractor wanted to verify where the reinforcement steel was placed, that it was placed per the specifications, and to have marks on the surface for future anchoring that would be required. GPRS was able to get to the site quickly to complete the GPR scans. Once on site, our project manager was able to conduct the scanning and complete field marks in real time. GPRS collected the GPR data, took site photos, and measurements of the findings to complete a basic report for the client. The GPRS project manager marks were left on the surface so that future work could be completed. The client at this site understands that damaging some of the structural steel would cause major delays, increased paperwork, and loss of profits.

On this site, Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) used the SIR-3000 and were able to locate and the reinforcing steel on each column scanned, as well as give an approximate depth to them. The findings were marked out clearly with a black sharpie marker and clear coated for further protection. Depths on each bar were also documented on the surface. Thanks to our service the contractor was able to move forward with their anchoring with confidence.

Our state of the art GSSI GPR equipment can send radio signals into concrete that send back in real time data for onsite interpretation. The radio waves are safe for workplaces so there is no need for a stoppage in work for floors below or around scan areas. GPRS also uses the RD-8100 Locator to locate live power and radio frequency (RF) signals underground when applicable. GPRS can also detect utilities in or under concrete via induction or conduction with an exposed or known surface utility line.

GPRS project managers are commonly called for scanning for reinforcement such as rebar, wire mesh, and post tension cables. It is also common that GPRS will be called to scan for conduits and radiant heat tubs.

At GPRS safety is one our #1 priority, when saw cutting or drilling the last thing you or our project managers want, is to hit a surprise conduit or power line in the slab. While you may think that there is nothing in the slab, there is an unfortunate number of clients that call because they were proven wrong. The price of one of our technicians is well worth the price compared to the costs of repairing a mishap later on.

If you have any questions about GPRS applications or would have a need for GPR, feel free to contact John Lause at or (312) 485-7725.

If you are outside the Chicago area, GPRS is nationwide so please visit the contact page to find your closest local Project Manager.