GPRS Scans for Gas and Water Lines

BRiC Partnership is currently performing upgrades at the Illinois Veterans’ Home in Quincy, Illinois. Parts of the upgrades require adding additional gas and water lines, branching off of the existing utilities. These upgrades will involve the contractor to dig and/or bore new utility runs throughout the property between the many buildings on site. This much digging gives many chances to hit and break unknown utility lines that may lay in way of the dig. So the contractor called out GPRS to locate the existing utilities on site and also clear the way for the future trench/dig lines.

In the areas where the contractor directed GPRS to scan, utilities were found using the RD 7000 and 400 MHz antenna. The electrical, data, water, gas and sewer lines were all types of lines that were located and plotted out with paint and pin flags. After marking the utilities, the client had a better plan of where to dig and where to avoid breaking utilities by cautiously working around existing utilities.

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