GPRS Scans Wall to Determine Reinforcement

Ground Penetrating Radar is a new technology that is extremely helpful to mark out reinforcing steel, conduit, post-tension cables, pre-stressed cables, and other pertinent obstructions that lie within a concrete slab or wall. GPR is applicable on an elevated slab, slab on grade, and as you’ll see in this entry, cement walls. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC. is of the top GPR companies in its industry and has grown to provide GPR services nationwide.

GPRS Project Managers were recently contacted in the Chicagoland area for concrete scanning at a large facility looking to add additional overhead cranes. The engineers were not sure if the existing walls could carry to load of the newly proposed cranes. Throughout the construction of the building, there have been many changeovers. The scope of this job was to scan multiple walls and footing to determine the concrete thickness and reinforcement patterns. A GPR scan was performed to locate reinforcing steel prior to adding the overhead crane. The customer performing the drilling wanted to make sure to keep the integrity of the walls and footing as good as possible. That meant the drilling team could not hit or change the integrity of and reinforced steel in the concrete.

GPRS Project Managers were able to locate the multiple layers of steel reinforcement. Getting into some of the areas to scan proved to be challenging as the customer was pumping out standing water and removing large pumps that play a crucial role in the facilities day to day operations. When locating the steel by radar, each piece of steel was marked out on the surface of the concrete with paint or marker. In any project, having the ability to identify where critical conduit, cables, and reinforcing steel exist in cement slabs can save much time, money and resources, providing a tremendous advantage.

The equipment used during the scan was a hand-held cart carrying a 1600 MHz antenna capable of identifying objects at a depth of approximately 18"- 24" (2 feet) deep. GPRS also has additional antennas to scan in tighter spaces, overhead work or radiant flooring. GPRS also spends a great deal of time scanning and locating underground private utilities. GPRS uses our 400 MHz antenna and our EM to locate and trace out utilities.

In the picture to the right, you can see GPRS Project Manager, Shaun Ashley scanning for rebar in the walls and footings of an existing facility where sample wholes where being drilled to determine the strength of the concrete. Due to the compact size and mobility of the cart that carries the antenna, Shaun was able to perform GPR below grade after climbing into the pit get more data.

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